Features by mail server protocol

This section explain the features supported by Gmail Atom, IMAP and POP.

For Gmail, both Atom and IMAP are supported. Read more about Gmail Atom, IMAP and how to activate IMAP for Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook.com only supports POP. Yahoo! Mail supports IMAP.

Feature matrix

The following table gives an overview of the supported features of each mail server protocol.

Gmail Atom Gmail IMAP IMAP POP
Use without manual activation yes IMAP must be activated in Gmail settings Depends on mail server provider Depends on mail server provider
Fast and lightweight yes
Automatic sign in and direct mail links yes yes
Mark mail as read yes yes Not synchronized with server
Mark mail as spam yes yes
Archive mail yes
Delete mail yes yes yes
Reply all yes yes yes
Preview & save attachments yes yes yes
View complete mail content Summary only yes yes yes
View all unread mail Only the 20 latest yes yes yes
View read mail yes yes yes
Upload and send using Gmail composer Message only, no attachments yes



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Features by mail server protocol
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