Gmail Notifier Pro 3.0

This article gives an overview of all the new features in version 3.0 of Gmail Notifier Pro.

Read mail with HTML formatting

Gmail Notifier Pro adds support for viewing HTML formatted messages. The layout, images and links will appear as in the web browser. The viewing mode is configurable and viewing messages as plain text is also supported.

Gmail Notifier Pro main window

View both read and unread messages

For Gmail IMAP accounts it is now possible to define if only unread messages should be listed, or if read messages also should be included. Read messages will not be displayed as notifications, only listed in the main window. If an IMAP account is configured to display read mail, an unread mail that is marked as read will not disappear from Gmail Notifier Pro. The operation to 'Mark as unread' is also added.

It is also possible to define how old messages Gmail Notifier Pro should download and display. This can be configured individually for each account.

Ribbon toolbar

There is also a new ribbon toolbar for easier access to all operations. The ribbon bar can be minimized by double clicking on the ribbon tab.

Change layout to get better overview

Version 3.0 introduces the feature to change between horizontal and vertical layout of the main window. The screenshot below shows the horizontal mode where the mail content is displayed on the right side.

Window layout changed


The buttons in the popup window are now hidden until the mouse pointer is positioned over the window, to give a cleaner look.

Mail notification window

It is also possible to configure the popup side of the action menu. In the screenshot below it's configured to be displayed above the popup window.

Mail notification customization

Another new feature is the customization of layout and fonts of the popup window. The size of the window and all text fields can be changed. As in previous versions, the colors can be defined by themes that can be configured individually for each account.

Window layout

More features in Gmail Notifier Pro 3.0

An overview of all main features can be found on the Gmail Notifier Pro main page. More screenshots are available on the screenshot page.

Upgrade to Gmail Notifier Pro 3.0

As with all previous versions of Gmail Notifier Pro, it is possible to upgrade to 3.0 using either the built-in upgrade feature, or by manually downloading the latest version from the Gmail Notifier Pro download page.

The improved local storage of mail for Gmail IMAP accounts and the support for HTML mail will require Gmail Notifier Pro 3.0 to download all IMAP mail again the first time the application is started. Note that it's now configurable for each account for which period of time to download mail.